Most kids leave cookies or biscuits for Santa, but for Beth Anne Stanford’s kids, Santa was the one who left Biscuit. Of course, we are talking about this adorable Goldendoodle, who was appropriately named for his light, fluffy and irresistible qualities.

Beth Anne, Tax Counsel at InterContinental Hotels Group, adopted 10-month-old Biscuit right before the holidays as a surprise for her kids. Now six-years-old, Biscuit has fully embraced his new family. He enjoys serving as the family vacuum cleaner, eating anything and everything that lands on the floor. He also tries to help his family find their shoes. Any time someone walks in the front door, Biscuit immediately feels the need to bring that person their shoes from the mudroom. While his heart is in the right place, family members are more often than not left trying to track down where their other shoe is.

Biscuit enjoys going off-leash hiking in the mountains, where his herding instincts can fully kick in – running ahead to check the trail then looping back to make sure the family is still with him, then run ahead again. He will repeat the herding cycle for miles!

We are thrilled to feature Biscuit as our November pet of the month!