Meet Burrito! This adorable pup belongs to Kelly Moriarty, Product Manager at Stripe. Almost eight years old, Burrito is a mixed-breed pup with all the fixings. Some of those ingredients include chicken, veggies, rice, black beans, guac, sour cream and salsa – or wait, maybe that was lunch…

But seriously, Burrito’s heritage is still unknown. A DNA test came back inconclusive, and the company had no answers for Kelly and Burrito. So Kelly likes to consider her a mix, between a German Shepherd, a Corgi, and a bat (she has GIANT ears!).

It would be easy to assume that Burrito’s favorite type of food is Mexican, but that would be wrong. She loves all food, but her absolute favorite is Brazilian BBQ. Kelly’s partner is Brazilian, so Burrito often reaps the spoils when he grills!

In addition to eating, Burrito loves to play fetch, and no area is too small for her to run after a ball. She also enjoys doing tricks, and is great at “roll over,” and finding a ball or hidden toy that is out of sight using only her nose.

Not only is she great at finding hidden objects, Burrito also excels at hiding items too. She loves to steal and bury Kelly’s socks around the house. She won’t tear any holes or destroy them, but Burrito loves to hide Kelly’s socks in the most random places. Maybe it’s her way of getting Kelly back for hiding her balls and toys.