Meet Stella, the athletic yet snuggly cat that entertains the family of Open Weaver Banks, tax counsel (SALT) in Eversheds Sutherland’s New York office. Her name was written in the stars, or rather the cement, as one day the Banks spied the name scratched in a freshly poured sidewalk while discussing what to name the newly adopted 6-month-old kitten. Stella quickly settled in to family life and, ever since, this gray tuxedo has skillfully divided her time between sleeping on her humans and playing.

If given a piece of dry pasta (preferably rotini), Stella will practice soccer with it on the kitchen floor, demonstrating dexterous footwork. Using both paws, she will dribble the pasta across the room until inevitably scoring a goal (losing it under the refrigerator). Not just a soccer fan, Stella also enjoys watching basketball and football on television, preferring to sit very close to the screen to better “catch” any ball she sees. Stella expects to chase the Banks family through the house daily as they drag a bird on a string. In addition to her athletic pursuits, Stella is a champion cuddler and makes it difficult for Open to login from home.

As a reward for her efforts, Stella likes the extra water from a tuna fish can to be left in her dish. As Open says, “She rolls and fetches toys. Really, who needs a dog?”*


*Eversheds Sutherland has no preference on pet species.