Meet Lola, the svelte and sprightly pet of Mike Kerman, SALT associate in Eversheds Sutherland’s Washington office, and his wife Kristy Callahan (Lola’s “real” last name is Kermallahan, a portmanteau). Lola is a black lab-whippet mix, to be confirmed by DNA test, who celebrated her first birthday on Thanksgiving Day.

Mike and Kristy took Lola in one fateful September day when they received an email from an adoption agency saying Lola (née Seashore) desperately needed to be picked up to prevent her from spreading her highly contagious “kennel cough” to her fellow cellmates. After a few days of wheezing, Lola recovered enough to contract several new ailments. Luckily she loves going to the vet, which eases the burden of her frequent appointments.

Lola is a recovering sufferer of separation anxiety, a remnant of her early shelter life. But with lots of positive training and reassurance that Mike and Kristy will always come home, she now snoozes away on Mike’s big green chair when she has to be left home alone. 

Lola is without fail the fastest dog at the park, zipping back and forth so fast that her ears get stuck inside out. She will happily fetch all day long and expertly fends off attempts from other dogs to steal her favorite ball.
Lola loves all food and is an avid counter-surfer (unauthorized food was consumed during the writing of this post). Besides fetching and scavenging, Lola’s favorite thing to do is meet new people. She turns a short walk around the block into a welcoming committee for every neighbor, stranger and passerby.

Lola is excited to be featured as January’s Pet of the Month!