Meet Gracie, the 15-week-old Australian Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix belonging to Eversheds Sutherland SALT Of Counsel Doug Mo and his wife Marcia. Gracie was adopted three weeks ago at a recent adoption event in Dublin, California, where 30 dogs were adopted, including all seven pups from Gracie’s litter.

This sweet girl loves to run around the house with her furry sibling (the 80-pound Catahoula, Nell) in pursuit. Doug says when this happens, Gracie looks like a greased pig in a rodeo, and Nell is one of the wranglers. Gracie has made herself right at home in the Mo household and is an excellent work companion for Doug. During working hours, you’ll often find her curled up under his desk.

We are so excited to feature Gracie as our April Pet of the Month!

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