Meet Fiver, the adorable pet rabbit belonging to Brandi Drake, Strategic Tax Senior Director at Charter Communications. Brandi and her husband Matthew volunteer at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control in Charlotte, North Carolina, where they agreed to foster two rabbits, Fiver and his twin brother Roger. Roger was adopted by another family and after fostering Fiver for four months, Brandi and Matthew knew they were his forever home. 

Fiver is a feisty little rabbit who loved playing with his late dog brother Logan and cat sister Key. He adores vegetables and will sit up and pay attention when he hears them being taken out of the fridge. He also demands daily ear rubs, sitting beside his people until he gets them, and if they take too long to give him attention, he will nudge them with his nose.

Fiver gets his daily exercise by running laps around the living room and through his play tunnel before settling down to cool off on top of the air vent.

We are so excited to feature Fiver as our May Pet of the Month!

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