Meet Ruby, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix, who eight years ago became a pupil of Richard Pomp, the Alva P. Loiselle Professor of Law at UConn School of Law. While Ruby is very much the teacher’s pet, enjoying anything that gives her extra class time with Professor Pomp, she’s always looking for extra credit for that time when on cue, she unplugged the Professor’s connection to a video deposition with her furry tail.

When the Professor is not teaching or giving a deposition, he and Ruby bond over a few of their favorite things, including sushi dinners and hot tubbing. Ruby loves sushi that has festered on the counter for three days driving the cat crazy. Ruby always demands the hot tub be cooled down to a chilly 80 degrees before she gets in, though. Ruby also loves holidays, and her favorite holiday is Halloween. She enjoys wearing costumes in the hopes of getting treats from her neighbors, but she only wants the good stuff. So if you see her around, don’t even think of trying to give her a dog biscuit – she’s looking for the full-size candy bars!

We are thrilled to feature Ruby as our December Pet of the Month!