Doodle.jpgMeet Doodle, the family member of Cooper Monroe, State and Local Tax Director at Duke Energy. Doodle is a rescue dog from a Dachshund rescue place in York, South Carolina. Cooper and his family were told that Doodle was a wire-haired dachshund; however, because the vet says Doodle’s legs are too long, he is a type of mutt. Cooper and his family got him when he was about one and he has been part of Cooper’s family for about three years.

He is pictured in his hunting pose, which he patiently assumes for hours at a time. Early in his life, Doodle managed to catch a bird using this technique. He’s been trying to repeat that feat ever since with no success. Squirrels are Doodle’s arch enemy that send him into a fit of barking. Cooper thinks Doodle doesn’t like squirrels so much because he knows they’re the most frequent cause of power outages (proof can be found here).

Doodle’s best attribute is his method of greeting you. He will stand at your feet, wag his tail vigorously and howl loudly. He also likes to wrestle with Cooper’s other dogs, Mocha the yorkie and Pogo the shih tzu/Boston terrier mix. While Doodle is a fun-loving blonde, don’t be fooled. He’s the alpha dog and never lets the other dogs win at wrestling.

Doodle 2.jpg

We are so excited to feature Doodle as our May Pet of the Month!

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