Meet Ellie, the best friend of Hanish Patel, SALT associate in Eversheds Sutherland’s Atlanta office, and his fiancée, Paru.

Ellie and Paru met in St. Louis (Ellie is a 2012 cum laude graduate of the Puppy Obedience School of St. Louis). When Paru accepted a job in Atlanta, Ellie moved in with Paru’s parents in Memphis.

“Ellie claims she’s a free spirit,” says Hanish, “but really she just doesn’t want to get a job.”

Ellie was initially hesitant about moving in with Hanish and Paru in Atlanta, concerned about being a small dog in the big city. At the same time, Hanish wasn’t too thrilled either, reportedly telling friends that he did not want an “animal loose in his house.” Things quickly changed once they got to know each other, and they realized they had much in common. Ellie and Hanish both like to go for evening strolls, listen to podcasts, and catch up on the week’s episodes of Jeopardy! 


According to Ellie, the move hasn’t always been so fun. “One time, [Hanish] told me we were going to the park, but he took me to the groomer instead,” Ellie recalls. “I wasn’t mad he lied to me, just disappointed.”

“Ellie’s a good girl, such a good girl,” Hanish now admits, even though she can still be stubborn at times. “She loves her Cheez-its, and she won’t share them, so don’t even ask.”

When Hanish was told Ellie would be featured as our Pet of the Month, he said, “This is probably the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me.” 



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