Conventional wisdom states that one does not pick up the nicest habits hanging around a track. However, having spent his youth racing, Rocket, the pet of Jéanne Rauch-Zender, editor in chief of State Tax Notes, nonetheless grew into quite the gentleman. For example, he loves to eat cheese but the only “trick” he learned is to jump slightly to grab it when offered.

Rocket, who was named by son Luke, just turned 11 this month and came to the Rauch-Zender family via Greyhound Pets of America after a career in North Carolina. 

One thing that Rocket did pick up from his misspent youth is an uncanny ability to sneak into his favorite spot. Jeanne reports that every day when they come home, they find Rocket lying on her husband’s side of the bed. They do everything they can to prevent it, such as closing the door and blocking the stairs, but somehow Rocket is able to break in.

Rocket spends his afternoons playing a short game of catch with the kids after they get home from school before returning to his nap.


He is a wonderful pet and perfect for the family. We are so happy to feature Rocket as our February Pet of the Month!