As 2018 drew to a close, many of us took a moment to express gratitude for the wonderful things in our lives and made plans to live a little better in the coming year.

In looking ahead, we can all learn from Ben the bulldog. He sent Eversheds Sutherland SALT his list of 2019 resolutions via Chris Kmak, Director, State and Local Tax, at Intel Corporation. As you will see, Ben is a terrific model of a life well-lived.

Ben’s 2019 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Honor Family – Ben is named after his dad. Chris and his brother called each other “Ben” as children.
  2. Be Authentic – Chris says that he chose Ben because he had the “same dissatisfied look in his eye” as the late beloved Riley (a white pit bull).
  3. Eat Well, Make Friends and Share – According to Chris, “Ben is a foodie and regularly sits with us for his second dinner (whatever I have cooked for us). However, he does have a particular love for pizza. When the p-word is uttered, he gets very excited as he knows his taste buds will be satisfied soon. When the delivery phone call rings, he insists on rushing with me to greet his favorite guest (the delivery person). When we return, he takes his rightful spot on the couch between his mother and I and expects a bite of pizza for each one we take in turn.”
  4. Be a Boss – Due to some knee issues, Ben had occasion to use a stroller which is now his preferred mode of transport. He also has a standing order at his two favorite local restaurants – over easy eggs and a side of bacon at Good Morning, and beer and German sausages at Bierhaus in downtown Mountain View.
  5. Learn New Tricks – Having completed three years of puppy school, Ben is “an educated man.” At nearly 12 years old, Ben has retired his reportedly excellent “bang bang, play dead” trick. However, he has perfected a new one where he acts like he needs to go out but when the family has gathered their shoes, coats and leash, he walks them directly to the kitchen.

Ben plans to keep learning and training his family in 2019. We are so happy to feature him as our December Pet of the Month.