pet of the month2.jpgAudrey is the delightful miniature Yorkshire Terrier of Atlanta associate Miranda Davis. Audrey joined Miranda’s family when she was barely two months old, and her family cannot believe she will be 10 this year! Despite her years (and size—only 6 pounds), Audrey loves a good wrestling match and to play with her toys. But apparently not all squeaky toys are created equal—Audrey will only play with toys she is in the mood to play with, and frequently turns her nose up at toys Miranda selects for her. pet of the month.jpgAudrey’s other favorite activity is napping in the sun.

As you might have guessed, Audrey is not your typical lap dog. She will sit on someone’s lap, but only if it is her idea. And although she is stubborn, she is even more precious—it is hard to resist her sweet face and big brown eyes. Watch out—she loves to give kisses when you aren’t looking!