Meet Oscar, a dachshund mix belonging to Jeff Langer, Senior Tax Manager at The Home Depot. Jeff recruited Oscar to head up his “Squirrel Patrol” in November 2017 from the Atlanta Humane Society. Now at three years old and weighing 19 pounds he takes the job very seriously, watching out the windows and alerting Jeff to the first sign of a critter invading the yard. When Oscar’s workday is over, he lays around the kitchen trying to look adorable so he can get paid (in food.)

Not content to be just a watchdog, Oscar also has been known to be a Meyer Wiener on occasion. However, the job he takes most seriously is being the cutest companion to Jeff, who concluded Oscar’s glowing annual review with “his life goal is to just be near me, whether it’s on top of me, next to me, or simply having one paw on me.” We think Oscar deserves a raise and we are proud to have him as our April Pet of the Month.