In this episode of the SALT Shaker Podcast policy series, Eversheds Sutherland Partner and host Nikki Dobay speaks with Brad Scott, Director of Finance of Halstead Bead. Brad has become an advocate for sales tax simplification post Wayfair.

Listen as Brad and Nikki discuss the compliance challenges businesses face following Wayfair, as well as Brad’s ongoing advocacy efforts to obtain greater simplification.  They also discuss Halstead Bead’s recent Federal court battle in Louisiana, and the work of the FAIR Coalition, which is working to reform the Tax Injunction Act.  In light of the upcoming Wayfair hearing, Brad also offers his thoughts for policy makers.

They conclude with Nikki’s surprise nontax question for the week — you’re on a road trip, what do you eat?

The Eversheds Sutherland State and Local Tax team has been engaged in state tax policy work for years, tracking tax legislation, helping clients gauge the impact of various proposals, drafting talking points and rewriting legislation. This series, which is focused on state and local tax policy issues, is hosted by Partner Nikki Dobay, who has an extensive background in tax policy.

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