In this episode of the SALT Shaker Podcast policy series, Eversheds Sutherland Partner and host Nikki Dobay is joined again by Carol Portman, President of the Taxpayers’ Federation of Illinois, for a review of the 2022 Illinois legislative session, which adjourned earlier this year. (You can catch up on their discussion of the 2021 session here!)

Carol explains that while there weren’t any large scale tax measures during the 2022 session, there were several smaller tax breaks aimed at individuals and a few other smaller items to have on your radar. She also provides some updates from the state’s Department of Revenue and opines on the state’s upcoming election.

They conclude with Nikki’s surprise nontax question for the week –  if you were a late night talk show host, who would you invite as your first guest or musical appearance?

The Eversheds Sutherland State and Local Tax team has been engaged in state tax policy work for years, tracking tax legislation, helping clients gauge the impact of various proposals, drafting talking points and rewriting legislation. This series, which is focused on state and local tax policy issues, is hosted by Partner Nikki Dobay, who has an extensive background in tax policy.

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