image1_20160125.jpg Members of the Washington, DC Sutherland SALT team “geared up” for the historic East Coast blizzard that arrived in the metro area this weekend. Follow updates and photos by searching #Blizzard2016 or #Snowzilla — Stay warm out there! Pictured from back left: Todd Betor, Stephanie Do, Ted Friedman, Chris Mehrmann, Elizabeth Cha, Samantha Trencs, Charles Capouet, Jessica Eisenmenger, Todd Lard. We hope you enjoy some of our snow photos from this weekend. image2_20160125.jpg “Salty the snowman goes to the White House.” –Liz Cha image3_20160125.jpg Marc Simonetti’s son Nicholas volunteers for shovel duty. Good luck, Nicholas! image4_20160125.jpg Jeff Friedman’s daughter Rachel and pup Harry are all smiles in the snow this weekend! image5_20160125.jpg Todd Lard’s dog, Cooper, playing fetch in the DC snow. image6_20160125.jpg Leah Robinson’s husband and son sledding in their front yard in New Jersey. image7_20160125.jpg Sutherland SALT Admin Barbara Keihani-Dubison’s girls enjoying the snow. image8_20160125.jpg Open Weaver Banks plows through two feet of snow in her New Jersey yard! image9_20160125.jpgMaria Todorova’s kiddos sledding in all the Atlanta snow. image10_20160125.jpgStephen Burroughs and son enjoy some baseball in the Georgia snow. image11_20160125.jpg image12_20160125.jpgTodd Betor captures a great photo of the Washington Monument and his girlfriend Michelle in the winter wonderland. image13_20160125.jpg Stephanie Do enjoyed watching neighborhood kids sledding on Capitol Hill. image14_20160125.jpg Jonathan Feldman and family trekked to REI for some blizzard survival must-haves. image15_20160125.jpgimage16_20160125.jpg Sam Trencs enjoyed an awesome view of Pennsylvania Avenue and made the perfect snow angel on the Mall. image17_20160125.jpg Sutherland SALT Admin Debbie Manders and family making snow paths in Maryland. image18_20160125.jpgimage19_20160125.jpg Sutherland SALT Admin Melissa Bragg’s daughters, Emma and Madelyn, enjoy the Atlanta “white stuff.” image20_20160125.jpgimage21_20160125.jpg Sutherland Client and Practice Development Coordinator Ashley McNew captures some Capitol Hill blizzard fun. image22_20160125.jpg Michele Borens’s porch in Virginia looks pretty cold. image23_20160125.jpg Amy Nogid brings out the shovel to unbury her car in the New York snow.


“All of these pictures reinforce the wisdom of the different view we in California have about snow: it is something we visit; it doesn’t visit us.” – Sutherland SALT Of Counsel Prentiss Willson image24_20160125.jpg (Prentiss’ view this weekend). image25_20160125.jpgimage26_20160125.jpg Carley Roberts‘ clan looking pretty warm in Cali. Thumbnail image for Sacramento-Snow.jpgTim Gustafson spots snow…but keeps a safe distance.