Halloween is a time for witches, werewolves, pirates and princesses, but every now and again, a member of the Sutherland SALT Team joins the fun. We hope you enjoy these photos of Sutherland SALT’s Halloween 2014.

Alba_Halloween 2014.jpg

Olivia, a fancy pirate, daughter of SALT Admin Candice Alba.

Feldman_Halloween 2014.jpeg

The Feldman Family together before Trick-R-Treating fun! One of two contenders for Frozen costumes of the year!

Gustafson_Halloween 2014.jpg

The Gustafson Gang assembled! Our second contender for Frozen costumes of the year!

Keihani-Dubison_Halloween 2014.jpg

Sutherland SALT Admin Barbara Keihani-Dubison keeping it SALT(y)!

Mata (2)_Halloween 2014.jpg

Nicholas, son of Pilar Mata, dressed as a not-so-fierce lion. 

Mata (1)_Halloween 2014.jpg

The Mata pup, Penny, a former Pet of the Month!

Robinson_Halloween 2014.jpeg

Leah Robinson with husband/knight, Kevin, and sons/dragons Hank and Buck. 

Todorova_Halloween 2014 (2).jpg

Maria Todorova and her family. Illustrating that unicorns, skeltons and superheroes can all be friends. 

Willson_Halloween 2014 (1).jpg

Prentiss Willson. If you can guess the costume, you can keep the giraffe.


Stephen Burroughs‘ children Braden, a shark, and Campbell, a mermaid. As Stephen is told, the acquatic theme was coincidental. 


SALT Admin’s Melissa Bragg’s dauthers, Elsa and a little lamb. 


Who ever said that lambs couldn’t drive?