The Ohio Board of Tax Appeals denied an out-of-state healthcare organization’s apportionment of the Commercial Activity Tax related to healthcare services.

The taxpayer sought to apportion its gross receipts related to laboratory services and healthcare provider services based on where the taxpayer’s costs were incurred. The Board rejected the taxpayer’s position and found that the lab work and healthcare provider services are sourced based on where the benefit of these services is received. Citing to Defender Security Co. v. McClain, 162 Ohio St.3d 473 (2020), in which the Ohio Supreme Court held that under Ohio’s sourcing rule, the “paramount” consideration when determining what proportion of the benefit is attributed to Ohio is the physical location where the purchaser actually used and received the benefit of what was purchased. The Board found that while some of the services were conducted outside of Florida, the benefit of the services is received where the Ohio patients are located. 

The Board also noted that even if the laboratory testing and administrative services could be sitused outside of Ohio, the taxpayer failed to support its apportionment method with sufficient documentation. 

Total Renal Care Inc. v. Harris, No. 2019-848 (Ohio Bd. Tax App. July 24, 2023) (unpublished).