The Maine Supreme Judicial Court held that a prescription drug company’s income should be apportioned based on the location where its prescription drugs are received, rather than the headquarters locations of the health plans or employers paying for the drugs.

The drug company sought income tax apportionment based on a “market client basis,” arguing that its services were primarily received by its clients such as health insurers and employers. The court held that the clients’ “members” or insureds were the primary recipients of the drug company’s services, and therefore the company’s income must be apportioned on a “market member basis” to the location where the members received their prescription drugs. “Market client basis” sourcing was not appropriate because the company’s client agreements and its 10-k filings established that although the company contracted with health plans and employers, the ultimate recipients of its services were the individuals receiving the drugs and covered health services.

Express Scripts Inc. v. State Tax Assessor, No. BCD-22-331, (Me. Nov. 7, 2023).