Lard, Todd.jpgWe are pleased to announce that Todd A. Lard will rejoin Sutherland’s Washington, DC office on March 4 as a partner in our State and Local Tax (SALT) Practice. For the past five years, Todd Lard worked at the Council On State Taxation (COST), most recently as its vice president and general counsel. Prior to joining COST, a premier association representing state taxpayers, he was counsel at Sutherland.

Todd Lard led COST’s legal team, which oversaw legislative, administrative and judicial advocacy on complex state and local tax issues for multistate corporations, including nexus, jurisdiction, discriminatory taxation and apportionment. He testified before government authorities and filed amicus briefs at the U.S. Supreme Court and state appellate courts advocating fair and nondiscriminatory taxation of multistate corporations.

At Sutherland, Todd Lard will leverage his significant experience and insight into state tax policy, digital economy and communications tax issues, in his representation of Fortune 500 and other industry-leading companies on state and local tax issues. Todd will play a leading role in the recently launched Sutherland SALT Digital Economy Forum.

Sutherland’s SALT Practice also welcomes three new associates, Todd G. Betor, Sahang-Hee Hahn and Saabir S. Kapoor. To learn more about the expanded team, click here.