This week, Eversheds Sutherland Partners Liz Cha, Maria Todorova and Eric Tresh will participate in panel sessions during TeleStrategies’ 2023 Communications Taxation Conference in New Orleans, LA. The conference addresses the challenging and complex domain of telecommunications taxation, regulatory compliance and fees.

On May 4, Liz and Eric will provide an update on key litigation and controversies involving the taxation of telecommunications services, including the application of telecommunications taxes to hardware and software, court interpretations of the limitations of the Internet Tax Freedom Act and the unbundling of taxable and nontaxable products and services. 

Also on May 4, Eric will participate in a panel that looks at how to create and implement bundled pricing for tax and regulatory purposes. Eric will help review issues associated with market pricing and elasticity of demand, minimizing taxes, and risk management.

Finally, on May 5, Maria will help discuss the complexities of gross receipts taxes, as well as new taxes and fees applicable to the communications industry. In addition, she will highlight issues and controversies related to these taxes.

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