In what is surely a sign of more good things to come, Colorado repealed its short-lived sales tax on “standardized” (canned) software other than canned software delivered by tangible storage medium. The legislation, House Bill 1293, statutorily reinstates Special Regulation 7 by exempting software delivered or accessed by application service providers (ASP), electronic delivery, and load-and-leave. The bipartisan effort led by House Majority Leader Amy Stephens takes effect July 1, 2012. House Bill 1293 undoes last year’s House Bill 1192, which imposed tax on canned software regardless of delivery method as of March 1, 2010. Part of the so-called “Dirty Dozen” of tax increases proposed in 2010—nine of which were signed into law—House Bill 1293 hopefully represents a turning point for more taxpayer-friendly policies in Colorado. Next stop … the infamous Colorado reporting regime?