March 2014

Francois1.jpgMeet Le Petit Prince Francois Malvar (Francois for short). Francois is a seven-month-old adorable Maltipoo belonging to Ana Malvar, Senior Indirect Tax Manager at Microsoft. Francois has a lot of energy and loves to run around and play in the sun. He also loves to cuddle with his mommy. Ana fell in love with Francois

By Madison Barnett and Andrew Appleby

The Florida Department of Revenue determined that a company providing television viewing data and analytics services must source its receipts from such services to the location of its customers, despite (1) the state’s majority costs of performance souring rule and (2) that the taxpayer appeared to incur the majority

Today, the Maryland Court of Appeals held that Maryland may tax out-of-state Delaware holding companies that license patents to their parent company, which was doing business in Maryland. Gore Enterprise Holdings, Inc. v. Comptroller of the Treasury and Future Value, Inc. v. Comptroller of the Treasury. The ramifications of this decision are significant because

By David Pope and Pilar Mata

The New York Attorney General’s office posted a press release on March 14, 2014 announcing that Lantheus Medical Imaging (Lantheus) and Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), Lantheus’s former parent, agreed to a $6.2 million settlement for a claim filed pursuant to New York’s False Claims Act (FCA). Under New York’s FCA

By Zachary Atkins and Timothy Gustafson
The New Jersey Tax Court held that a mobile telecommunications service provider was not required to reimburse its customers before seeking a $32 million refund of erroneously collected sales tax. As part of a federal court-approved 2010 settlement agreement involving AT&T Mobility and its subsidiaries and affiliates, New

By Maria Todorova and Andrew Appleby
In a Technical Memorandum, the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance explained the impact of the holding in Echostar, which addressed the New York sales and use tax resale exclusion for certain purchases made by satellite and cable television service providers. In Echostar, the

The Multistate Tax Commission plans to announce that they are accelerating their development of a transfer pricing audit program by soliciting the assistance of Dan Bucks, the former MTC Executive Director and Montana Director of Revenue. New Jersey recently asked the MTC to consider hiring transfer pricing auditors to assist in its Joint Audit Program

By Kathryn Pittman and Andrew Appleby

The Ohio Tax Commissioner determined that billing and collection services were nontaxable debt collection services rather than taxable automatic data processing services. The taxpayer provided a variety of billing and collection services to physicians, health care practitioners and other medical personnel. These services included billing patients and performing collection-related

By Todd Lard

While meeting in Denver this week, the MTC’s Income Tax Uniformity Subcommittee advanced two separate projects to develop industry-specific apportionment regulations. The first project will examine the sourcing of electricity. MTC staff presented research on how states source electricity for income tax purposes. The staff concluded that while 31 states treat electricity as