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  • Videocast: State Tax Implications of Federal Tax Reform
    The state and local tax (SALT) implications of federal tax reform are numerous, yet still often unclear. With states releasing new law and guidance about federal tax reform, taxpayers must stay abreast of this very dynamic area of law. In this videocast, Todd Lard and Todd Betor discuss the gating question to the SALT implications of federal tax reform—state conformity to the IRC—along with other SALT considerations pertaining to major general, domestic and international tax provisions included in the new tax law.
  • California Seeks Input on Clean Energy Equipment Tax Exemption
    During the second half of 2017, California expanded its partial sales and use tax manufacturing and research and development exemption to include electric generation and distribution equipment. The legislative changes are particularly favorable to businesses engaged in electric generation through the use of renewable energy sources. The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) has issued a notice inviting stakeholders to participate in an interested parties meeting (IPM) scheduled for April 11, 2018, to discuss whether the CDTFA should undertake a regulatory project to amend its corresponding regulation to implement and apply the statutory changes and, if so, to what extent. In their article for Law360, Eversheds Sutherland attorneys Carley Roberts, Robert Merten and Jessica Allen summarize the sales and use tax exemption’s scope and qualifying requirements, the 2017 legislative changes to the exemption, the CDTFA’s proposed amendments and why stakeholders may want to participate in the IPM process.
  • Moving into Worldwide Waters? States Reaching Beyond the Water’s-Edge
    Many states require or permit affiliated businesses to report their income to the state in a combined group return. In their article for Bloomberg Tax, Eversheds Sutherland attorneys Maria Todorova, Justin Brown and Samantha Trencs discuss some of the complexities of combined reporting related to the inclusion of foreign entities in a combined group, including trends among states intended to expand the combined group to include additional foreign affiliates.
  • Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop: State and Local Tax Implications of Federal Tax Reform – International Tax Provisions
    The state and local tax (SALT) impact of the recently enacted federal tax reform is still being assessed. Because of states’ broad conformity to the federal income tax laws, many of these changes will have an impact on taxpayers’ SALT liabilities. In their article for Bloomberg Tax, Eversheds Sutherland attorneys Jeff Friedman, Todd Betor and Michael Spencer focus on the SALT consequences stemming from international provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.


  • TEI’s Audits and Appeals Seminar
    Eversheds Sutherland is delighted to sponsor and lead the two days of the seminar focused on State and Local Tax Controversy (May 2-3, 2018) during TEI’s 2018 Audits & Appeals Seminar. We hope to see you there!
  • TEI’s 2018 Region II Forum
    Eversheds Sutherland is a proud co-sponsor of the 2018 TEI Region II Tax Forum taking place June 4-5, 2018, at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Tax Forum will include four plenary and ten breakout sessions offering a wide selection of federal, international, and state and local topics. Register today and join us!