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  • Eversheds Sutherland SALT Scoreboard Publication – Second Quarter 2017
    Eversheds Sutherland SALT releases the sixth edition of its SALT Scoreboard, a quarterly publication that tracks significant state tax litigation and controversy developments. This edition of the SALT Scoreboard also includes observations regarding beverage tax issues and California’s documentary transfer tax.
  • Imposing Documentary Transfer Taxes in California after Ardmore
    Rarely does a subject as mundane as a documentary transfer tax become worthy of its own article. However, the June 29, 2017, decision of the California Supreme Court in 926 North Ardmore Avenue LLC v. County of Los Angeles is a worthy exception. Read this Law360 article by Eversheds Sutherland (US) attorneys Eric Coffill, Robert Merten and Nicholas Kump, which discusses three criteria that must be met in order for California’s documentary transfer tax to be imposed; background on the state’s Documentary Transfer Tax Act; The California Supreme Court’s ruling in North Ardmore v. County of Los Angeles; what’s to come.
  • A Pinch of SALT: Taxes, Fees and “Something Else”: California’s Morning Star Decision
    On April 6, the Third District California Court of Appeal decided Morning Star Packing Company v. California Air Resources Board, which challenged the state’s cap-and-trade auction process as an unconstitutional tax. View this latest edition of A Pinch of SALT, by Eversheds Sutherland (US) attorneys Eric Coffill and Robert Merten, which discusses background on the California cap-and-trade case; the Morning Star opinion; what’s next?

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