The Arizona Department of Revenue (the Department) issued an Individual Income Tax Ruling describing the treatment of Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits (REMICs). Ariz. ITR 11-6 (Aug. 8, 2011). The ruling affirms the Department’s longstanding positions regarding the sourcing of income received from REMICs and whether simply holding an interest in an Arizona REMIC creates nexus. Ariz. ITR 91-2 (Apr. 2, 1991). 

For federal tax purposes, the IRS treats REMICs as flow-through entities and does not tax the entity itself on its income. Rather, the REMIC’s interest holders are taxed on the REMIC’s income. Generally, REMICs will have two types of holders: regular interest holders and residual interest holders. Regular interest holders are taxed as if their interests were debt instruments, whereas residual interest holders report the REMIC’s taxable income or loss in proportion to their percentage ownership, similar to partners in a partnership.Continue Reading REMIC – the Remix – Arizona Style