The Court of Appeals of Ohio held that a Georgia-based wholesaler of lawn and garden products established nexus and its sales were properly included in the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) base.

The taxpayer was a wholesaler of garden equipment that did not have property, employees or other presence in Ohio. The Taxpayer’s primary customers were

A recent US Supreme Court decision on surcharges strengthened taxpayers’ First Amendment rights when deciding how they present pass-through fees and taxes to their customers.

  • The Supreme Court held that a New York statute prohibiting a seller from imposing a credit surcharge was a speech regulation, subject to heightened scrutiny, because it regulates how retailers

By Chelsea Marmor and Amy Nogid

The US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit affirmed the district court and held that it lacked jurisdiction under the Tax Injunction Act  and the principles of comity to “enjoin, suspend or restrain the assessment, levy or collection” of any Ohio tax where a “plain, speedy and efficient

The Ohio Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in three cases that could test the constitutionality of the Ohio commercial activity tax (CAT). These cases turn on whether the CAT’s “bright-line” nexus standard violates the dormant Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution. The Ohio Department of Taxation argues, among other things, that the taxpayers&rsquo

By Zach Atkins and Madison Barnett

The Ohio Department of Taxation issued a revised information release announcing its new positions regarding sales and use tax on electronic information services used in business. In the release, the Department takes the position that taxable electronic information services can include, among other things, subscription services, inventory advertising and

By Nick Kump and Charlie Kearns

The Ohio Board of Tax Appeals held that medical transcription services are taxable automatic data processing services, rather than tax-exempt personal or professional services, because of the minimal level of personal skill involved in transcription services. Under Ohio law, personal or professional services are not subject to Ohio sales

By Stephanie Do and Madison Barnett

The Ohio Board of Tax Appeals determined that two out-of-state online retailers with no physical presence in Ohio were subject to Ohio’s Commercial Activity Tax (CAT). The Board, declining to rule on the taxpayers’ constitutional arguments, found that the online retailers met Ohio’s statutory bright-line presence nexus test based

By Stephen Burroughs and Andrew Appleby

Former Chicago Bears linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer and former Indianapolis Colts center Jeff Saturday challenged the City of Cleveland’s application of the “games-played” apportionment method to their football salaries before the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals. During their careers, both players were nonresidents whose respective NFL teams traveled to the

By Kathryn Pittman and Andrew Appleby

The Ohio Tax Commissioner determined that billing and collection services were nontaxable debt collection services rather than taxable automatic data processing services. The taxpayer provided a variety of billing and collection services to physicians, health care practitioners and other medical personnel. These services included billing patients and performing collection-related