The New Mexico Administrative Hearings Office affirmed the Taxation and Revenue Department’s assessment to Agman Louisiana Inc. based on the taxpayer’s gain from the sale of stock of a corporation in which the taxpayer owned less than a 50% interest. The Hearings Office ruled that such gain was apportionable business income subject to New Mexico

By Hanish Patel and Open Weaver Banks

The Magistrate Division of the Oregon Tax Court held that an insurance company’s gain from the sale of a subsidiary and income from a holding company both constituted nonbusiness income. The court found that the acquisition and sale of a 40% owned subsidiary that operated as a third-party

Yesterday, the Multistate Tax Commission held its annual meeting in Spokane, Washington. The meeting is the annual event where full MTC member states approve model laws in their final version. The approved versions are then ready for the member states to adopt if they so choose. This year the MTC approved changes to the equitable

By Shane Lord and Prentiss Willson

The Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission held that a telephone company’s interest income received from its parent company was passive, non-Missouri source income and thus excludible from apportionable income as nonbusiness income. The interest income at issue was related to a note between the taxpayer and its parent company pursuant

By Madison Barnett and Timothy Gustafson

The Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission ruled that interest income and capital gains generated by a “rabbi trust”—a trust established to fund a nonqualified deferred compensation plan for the taxpayer’s officers—constituted nonbusiness income under the Uniform Division of Income for Tax Purposes Act (UDITPA). The trust income failed the transactional