By Douglas Upton and Andrew Appleby

The New Jersey Tax Court determined that credit card issuers must source to New Jersey all of their interest and interchange fee receipts, and half of their credit card service fees, from New Jersey accountholders. The Tax Court concluded that the Division of Taxation’s regulations required the taxpayers to

By Zachary Atkins and Open Weaver Banks

The New Jersey Tax Court held that apportioning all of a company’s income to New Jersey for corporate business tax purposes, even with the allowance of a credit for taxes paid to separate-return states, failed to fairly reflect the company’s business activities in New Jersey.  The court also

By Charles Capouet and Todd Lard

The New Jersey Tax Court ruled on the sourcing of mortgage-related receipts received by a bank and also held that the Division of Taxation could not throw out receipts from the bank’s denominator. The taxpayer originated loans for its New Jersey borrowers through its New Jersey lending office employees

In another taxpayer victory, the New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division held that an intangible holding company was not required to throw out any of its so-called “nowhere receipts” from an affiliated tobacco company in computing the denominator of its receipts factor. In Lorillard Licensing Company LLC v Dir., Div. of Taxation, the court

In a recent unpublished decision, Residuary Trust A v. Director, Division of Taxation (Kassner), the New Jersey Appellate Division relied on the “square corners doctrine” to hold that the New Jersey Division of Taxation was prohibited from imposing tax for the 2006 tax year based on a policy change not announced until 2011. In

By Nicole Boutros and Amy Nogid

The New Jersey Tax Court ruled that the Division of Taxation (“Division”) properly required a foreign (non-New Jersey domesticated) corporation to file corporation business tax (“CBT”) returns reporting licensing revenue from its parent attributable to New Jersey, based on New Jersey’s economic presence nexus standard, despite the parent’s royalty