In 2020, state and local tax practitioners have witnessed the emergence of a new trend: the proposed taxation of advertising services and data usage. In this Bottom Line videocast, Charles Capouet and Samantha Trencs discuss:

  • the proposed Maryland tax on gross revenues from digital advertising services
  • potential expansions of the Nebraska and South Dakota

On February 13, 2020, the Nebraska Legislature’s Revenue Committee heard testimony on Legislative Bill 989, which would expand Nebraska’s sales tax base to include sales of digital advertisements.

After an introduction by the bill’s sponsor, Senator Justin Wayne, the Revenue Committee heard testimony from four witnesses, each opposing the bill. The Committee also received

Over 40 state legislatures have convened their 2020 legislative sessions. Last year, states moved quickly to impose collection and remittance obligations on remote sellers and marketplace facilitators in light of Wayfair. This year, states are charting a new course – proposing legislation to expand sales taxes to include advertising services or proposing entirely new taxes

The Nebraska Department of Revenue (Department) recently declared, by way of an article in a third-party newsletter, that it has the authority to “examine all aspects of a return, including federal items.” George Kilpatrick, Nebraska Revenue Department’s Audit and Examination Powers Discussed, THE NEBRASKA CPA (Oct. 2012). While the article is aimed at personal income taxpayers, corporate taxpayers have good reason to be concerned because the statutory language relied on by the Department is applicable also to the corporate income tax.

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