The Missouri Department of Revenue, in a letter ruling, found that a taxpayer’s sales of exercise products were subject to state and local sales taxes because the transactions were not in commerce, since the orders were fulfilled and shipped to Missouri customers by a third-party warehouse in Missouri. The Department of Revenue also found that

By Nick Kump and Scott Wright

The Missouri Supreme Court held that a dance school was subject to sales tax on its charges for dance lessons as fees paid to a place of amusement, entertainment or recreation. The court reasoned that even though the school had a primary purpose of teaching students how to dance,

By Robert Merten and Charlie Kearns

The Missouri Department of Revenue has issued a comprehensive letter ruling answering 12 software-related sales tax questions on issues concerning canned software, custom software, software licenses, software invoices, software installation and software maintenance agreements. Missouri Department of Revenue LR 7615, Aug. 21, 2015. In the letter ruling, the

By Charles Capouet and Timothy Gustafson

The Supreme Court of Missouri denied a Missouri corporation’s sales tax refund claims on its sales of trade show displays shipped to out-of-state customers because it did not prove that the title to the goods transferred outside of Missouri. Missouri exempts from sales tax retail sales made in interstate

By Mary Alexander and Charlie Kearns

The Missouri Department of Revenue determined in a letter ruling that Bitcoins are intangible property not subject to tax under Missouri’s Sales and Use Tax Law. As explained by the taxpayer, Bitcoins are “a form of digital currency that is created by software and stored electronically.” Here, the taxpayer

By Ted Friedman and Timothy Gustafson

The Supreme Court of Missouri reversed and remanded a decision of the Administrative Hearing Commission (see our coverage of the Commission’s January 28, 2013 decision here) and held that income from a “rabbi trust”—a trust established by a corporation to fund a nonqualified deferred compensation plan for company

By Mary Alexander and Andrew Appleby

The Missouri Department of Revenue determined that a Missouri-based seller was required to collect and remit sales tax on sales to a Missouri-headquartered customer despite the fact that the items were shipped to the customer’s out-of-state locations. The seller fulfilled the orders by delivering the purchased items to a

By Zachary Atkins and Prentiss Willson

The Missouri Department of Revenue issued a letter ruling in which it determined that the sale or rental of streaming video content is not subject to Missouri sales or use tax. The service in question allowed customers to purchase or rent video content and to stream the content through