The Wisconsin Department of Revenue recently published updated guidance that states that marketplace providers are responsible for the collection and remittance of the Wisconsin premier resort taxes. For purposes of collection and remittance responsibilities, a marketplace provider in Wisconsin is a person who facilitates a retail sale on a seller’s behalf by listing or advertising

The North Carolina Department of Revenue issued a private letter ruling finding that a business-to-business online platform where businesses list inventory for sale for other businesses to order and pay was a marketplace facilitator responsible for collecting and remitting tax on sales that took place over its platform. The platform was not open to the

The Nevada Tax Commission proposed draft regulations implementing sales and use tax collection requirements for marketplace sellers and facilitators without a physical presence in Nevada. In determining whether marketplace sellers or marketplace facilitators meet the Nevada threshold of $100,000 in gross receipts from Nevada retail sales or 200 separate retail sales not for resale through

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has released updated guidance regarding the state’s requirement that out-of-state marketplace providers collect and remit Minnesota sales tax if their total sales (including facilitated sales) over the prior 12-month period total either 200 or more retail sales shipped to Minnesota, or more than $100,000 in retail sales shipped to Minnesota.

The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) revised its revised Publication 109, Internet Sales to add information relating to local sales taxes. Updated Publication 109 clarifies that online retailers are required to allocate sales among local jurisdictions, either directly or through a “countywide pool.” California generally imposes a 7.25% sales tax (with 1%

Recent developments for Illinois’ marketplace facilitator tax law.

The latest

  • October 1 – The Illinois Department of Revenue releases Sales and Use Tax Form CRT-63 “Sales Through Marketplace Facilitator Certificate.” (PDF). This certificate, which must be renewed annually, must be provided by marketplace facilitators to marketplace sellers.  The certificate must be maintained with

On September 30, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 1402, which amends California’s sales and use tax law to require marketplace facilitators to register, collect, and remit certain fees on the retail sale of various items of tangible personal property sold in California. Under current law, a marketplace facilitator that facilitates the retail sale

On September 10, 2021, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (the CDTFA) proposed amendments to the CDTFA’s regulations governing drop shipments, in an effort to clarify that marketplace sales are not drop shipments. In October 2019, the California Marketplace Facilitator Act became effective, making marketplace facilitators the seller and retailer for sales facilitated

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The Alabama Department of Revenue issued a notice on July 26, 2021, providing guidance regarding tax compliance requirements for marketplace facilitators operating in the state. Marketplace facilitators provide a platform through which marketplace sellers make sales. A marketplace facilitator that facilitates retail sales of $250,000 or more into Alabama through its platform must register with