By Stephen Burroughs and Tim Gustafson

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court denied a freight company’s Commerce Clause challenge to the application of an unapportioned use tax on its vehicles purchased out-of-state but used in Massachusetts. The company used its trucks to deliver freight in multiple states, but the court upheld taxation of the vehicles’ full

By Olga Goldberg and Leah Robinson

The West Virginia Office of Tax Appeals (OTA) ruled in favor of a rail transportation company subject to use tax on fuel used in West Virginia because the West Virginia State Tax Department (Department) incorrectly applied the credit against use tax for sales tax paid to “another state.” First

By Charles Capouet and Timothy Gustafson

The Supreme Court of Missouri denied a Missouri corporation’s sales tax refund claims on its sales of trade show displays shipped to out-of-state customers because it did not prove that the title to the goods transferred outside of Missouri. Missouri exempts from sales tax retail sales made in interstate

By Michael Penza and Andrew Appleby

The California Court of Appeal held that California’s disparate treatment of intrastate and interstate unitary businesses discriminated against interstate commerce. California requires taxpayers engaged in a unitary business within and without California to calculate their taxable income using combined reporting, but provides taxpayers engaged in a unitary business wholly

By Evan M. Hamme and Open Weaver Banks

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance released an advisory opinion explaining how it will treat drop shipment facilitation services for sales and use tax purposes. The petitioner uses proprietary software to create an Internet-based “hub” through which a web-based merchant orders products from a

By Charles Capouet and Timothy Gustafson

The Mississippi Chancery Court held that the state’s dividend exclusion statute is unconstitutional because it violates the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. The statute excludes from a taxpayer’s gross income intercompany dividends received from domestic affiliates doing business and filing income tax returns in Mississippi. In so doing,

By Kathryn Pittman and Timothy Gustafson

The Oklahoma Supreme Court held Oklahoma’s deduction for capital gains arising from the sale of a company headquartered in the state for three or more years does not violate the dormant commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution. The taxpayer, a California company with its headquarters in Florida, sold