On April 29, 2021, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed SB 185, limiting the application of administrative deference in Georgia tax controversies. This law seeks to level the playing field in state tax litigation matters by reducing the level of deference accorded to the Department of Revenue’s interpretations of ambiguous laws. The law provides that

The Georgia Tax Tribunal, in its first published decisions in more than a year, held that:

  • Scholastic Book Clubs has nexus in Georgia and must collect sales tax as a result of its relationship with teachers in the state; and
  • In a case affording significant deference to the Department’s regulations, a taxpayer that elects to

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed three bills that will enact a wide range of changes to Georgia’s tax structure and procedure (HB 386, HB 100, and HB 846). These changes include a new sales tax exemption for energy used in manufacturing, an affiliate nexus provision, creation of a new Georgia Tax Tribunal, publication of letter rulings, and changes to the taxation of motor vehicles, among others. The bills are the culmination of the comprehensive tax reform effort started in 2010 by the Tax Reform Council. While the bills fall short of the dramatic changes originally proposed by the Council (which included taxation of services and groceries, and communications tax reform), they nevertheless include a number of taxpayer-friendly changes.Continue Reading Georgia Tax Reform 2.0: Three Bills Signed by Governor