There’s never a dull moment in Delaware when it comes to unclaimed property. The latest salvo comes by way of a lawsuit filed by the Delaware Department of Finance against Blackhawk Engagement Solutions (DE), Inc. (formerly known as Parago, Inc.), a provider of rebate, reward and incentive programs to retailers and other client companies. As

By Kathryn Pittman and Jack Trachtenberg

On April 17, 2013, Select Medical Corporation (Select Medical) filed suit in federal district court seeking to enjoin Delaware from enforcing an unclaimed property assessment issued for years that had been resolved already through the state’s voluntary disclosure program. In 2006, Select Medical entered into Delaware’s voluntary disclosure program

New Jersey amended its escheatment laws on June 29, 2012. Some of the notable amendments include:

  1. Extending the period for which no activity is deemed to be considered abandoned from two years to five years;
  2. If a balance of less than $5 remains on a gift card, issuers are required to refund the balance in