Minnesota Sales Tax Fact Sheet No. 177, 07/01/2014

The Minnesota Department of Revenue updated its Sales Tax Fact Sheet on digital products to explain that webinars (electronically accessed live or prerecorded audio and audiovisual presentations) are exempt from tax provided the following three requirements are met:

(1) Admission to the in-person presentation is not subject

Proposing to significantly overhaul Georgia’s tax code, including an interesting attempt to eliminate sales tax exemptions for “Holy Bibles” and Girl Scout Cookies, H.B. 385 was introduced on February 24. The 127-page bill is intended to be revenue neutral and largely mirrors the recommendations of the Special Council on Tax Reform and Fairness for Georgians (the Council) (see Sutherland Legal Alert, January 10, 2011 for detailed coverage of the Council’s report). H.B. 385 would eliminate most sales tax exemptions and subject certain services to tax, reduce or eliminate most income tax credits and personal deductions, phase in lower personal and corporate income tax rates, and implement a communications services tax. The bill, introduced by the Special Joint Committee on Georgia Revenue Structure (the Committee), is expected to be amended while still in Committee, but will then require an up or down vote when introduced to both houses of the Legislature.

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