Proposed revisions to the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act were under debate this past week in Washington, DC as the Uniform Law Commission Committee to Revise the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act continued the process of crafting a new Uniform Act. The Drafting Committee focused on seven priority issues, including (1) the definition of address; (2) gift

By Nicole Boutros and Pilar Mata

The Illinois Cook County Circuit Court held that an Illinois law firm (the Relator) that filed a qui tam lawsuit against a taxpayer failed to meet its burden to prove the taxpayer knowingly failed to collect and remit Illinois use tax, as required under the Illinois False Claims Act.

By Stephen Burroughs and Andrew Appleby

The Mississippi Supreme Court held that the taxpayer bears the burden to prove that an alternative apportionment method imposed by the State is arbitrary and unreasonable. Rejecting the taxpayer’s original cost-of-performance filing position, the Department of Revenue applied an alternative apportionment method utilizing market-based sourcing. On appeal, the Chancery