The controversial methodology relied upon by several states to assess corporate taxpayers for transfer pricing violations has been ruled invalid by a D.C. Administrative Law Judge. Several revenue authorities, including New Jersey, Alabama, Louisiana, Kentucky and the District of Columbia, have relied on this now invalidated transfer pricing audit methodology to assess corporate franchise and

Estimated state tax assessments are based on assumptions that typically favor state tax authorities. In this A Pinch of SALT, Sutherland SALT’s Eric Tresh and Madison Barnett examine the potential impact and recommended course of action for taxpayers facing estimated assessments.

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Most multistate taxpayers are audited, assessed, or challenged on their tax positions and are faced with a decision whether to challenge or settle. In this edition of A Pinch of SALT, Sutherland SALT’s Michele Borens and David Pope discuss techniques and considerations for deciding whether to settle; determining the scope of a settlement; developing a settlement strategy; and finalizing