The back to school buzz has begun! Time to hit the books and open a new chapter with plenty of learning and growth.

To commemorate the start of the 2023 school year, we’ve collected photos from members of our Eversheds Sutherland SALT team for your enjoyment! We wish all these bright minds a wonderful academic year!

1: Partner Charlie Kearns’ daughter Ella (1st grade)

2: Paralegal specialist Jaime Lane’s daughter Cassidy (6th grade) and son Cooper (8th grade)

3: Legal secretary Janet Curry’s granddaughter Raegan (pre-K)

4: Associate John Ormonde’s daughter Betsy (pre-K)

5: Partner Jonathan Feldman’s daughter Anna (8th grade) and son Micah (5th grade)

6: Partner Tim Gustafson’s son Luke (4th grade) and daughter Cate (8th grade)

7, 8: Legal secretary Melissa Bragg’s daughters Madelyn (4th grade) and Emma (10th grade)

9, 10: Partner Maria Todorova’s daughter Addison (7th grade) and son Nicholas (5th grade)