Fabris Pet 1.jpgMeet Tink, Lucy, Linus and Puff Daddy, three Shih Tzus and a Bichon Frise, who live the sweet life in Milford, Connecticut, with Matthew Fabris of Nylon Technology and his wife of 30 years, Michelle. The pack rules this pet-loving home, which has always been blessed with the sound of barking dogs. Matthew often works from home, where he coordinates the development mobile apps—including our recently launched Sutherland SALT Shaker mobile app—and other interactive and online technology. So it is not unusual for this cuddly crew to join in a conference call at exactly the wrong moment. Thank goodness for the mute button!

Miss Tink is now 12 years old and has her hands full making sure nobody touches her stuff. To be sure, Puff Daddy who is eight, and Lucy and Linus who are both four, keep a safe distance from her (she may be old and small, but she is tough). When not lounging around the house or chasing the cats, Chloe and Stormy, the pack is constantly on guard. They spend hours looking out of the picture window (aka D-TV) waiting for other canine companions to pass by or, more importantly, keeping an eye out for the postman. The dogs are extremely proud of their record for sending the mail carriers packing, Fabris Pet 2.jpgdespite the fact that not once has a postal employee successfully entered the house to steal their toys. In addition, they get frequent walks along the Connecticut Sound to check for “messages” from their friends.

The highlight of the day is when everyone gathers in the kitchen for the singing of the “Doggie Dinner Song” (yes, there really is such a thing) and the feast that follows. They are all proud to be selected as SALT Pets of the Month and salute pet owners everywhere.

Did you know you can nominate your pet for Pet of the Month through our new mobile app? Click the menu button in the top left corner to view the Pet of the Month section, and then tap the Submit a Pet button to fill out the form.