Meet our March SALT Pets of the Month, 12-year-old Sunny and 5-year-old Lily! These lovely ladies belong to David Weiner, Vice President and Tax Counsel for A&E Television Networks. 

Sunny and Lily were both rescued as adult pups and were happy to join David’s family in 2017 and 2020. Sunny, whose coat is an adorable wiry mix of orange and white, and Lily, who has black and white markings, are both mixed breeds and around 50 pounds each. They get along like two peas in a pod!

Sunny was found in Louisiana, which must have been hard for her since she hates the heat.  Sunny wants to stay outside all day (and night!) during the winter. The colder the temps, the better! Prior to the pandemic, Sunny volunteered at schools and government offices as a certified therapy dog with David’s wife, Paula. She offered emotional support and stress relief.

Meanwhile, Lily was an owner surrender from South Carolina. Prior to her adoption, Lily had not spent much time indoors, but she has quickly gotten used to the good life, especially time on the couch. Lily can often be seen lounging on David’s bed, as well.

Around December 2021, Sunny began dragging one of her back legs. She was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, which is a genetic condition that affects dogs’ spinal cords. It causes progressive loss of coordination and weakness, but thankfully, the condition has not spread to her front legs. Sunny has adapted very well and uses a dog wheelchair outside. Neighbors and acquaintances are very supportive of her and often stop to inquire about her health or just give her scratches! 

The girls are beloved by David and Paula’s children Sabrina, age 17, and Cole, age 13.

We’re so happy to welcome them to the SALT Pet of the Month family!