Meet mama Dory! This precious tabby cat and her league of kittens are under the careful watch of Maria Biava, Senior Managing Associate General Counsel at Verizon.

For the last several years, Maria has been on a mission to rescue feral cats from a Philadelphia neighborhood once known for housing local breweries. Named after a specific beer hop, Dory (short for Dorado) came to be in Maria’s care after Maria found her in the parking lot of a series of townhomes.

A vet appointment revealed Dory was pregnant, so Maria brought her home to give her shelter and help find homes for her kittens!

Dory and her cuddly kiddos are available for adoption in the Philadelphia area. If you’re interested in providing a forever home, email

We’re so glad to feature Dory and her kittens as the May SALT Pets of the Month!