StephanieThumbnail.jpgMeet Henry P. Wienerman, the four-month-old Boston Terrier of Sutherland SALT legal secretary Stephanie Fulps and her husband, Jason. Henry is the latest addition to Stephanie and Jason’s family; his older “sisters,” Abby and Olive, were featured previously as Pets of the Month.

Henry came to live with Stephanie and Jason two months ago and loves being a little brother to Abby and Olive. He is 100% puppy and full of mischief. When not chasing his sisters or stealing their toys, Henry enjoys chewing bull stick treats and lounging in the sun. He is an excellent cuddler and makes a great napping companion, but do not expect to sleep peacefully if Henry starts snoring!HenryThumbnail.jpg

Henry can be startled and confused by his reflection. He will often run up to the full-length mirror and scratch at it, trying to play with the handsome puppy looking back at him. Once the sun goes down, if he sees his reflection in the glass doors that lead to the backyard, he goes into protective mode and barks and howls to scare away the backyard intruder while Abby and Olive relax on the couch.