Say hello to Diego! Adopted in 2022, this 13-year-old certified good boy is owned by Brandi Drake, Senior Director of Strategic Tax at Charter Communications.

When he first came home with Brandi and her husband, Matthew, he looked at them for permission for everything – except for one thing. Despite being a senior pup, he fought his way onto their bed, laid down, and refused to move. With the help of some added steps, he has snoozed there every night since!

He loves all treats, but is particularly fond of dental sticks and doggie ice cream. In fact, he will not go to bed until he gets his nightly dental stick!

Beyond his love for sleeping in his humans’ bed, he enjoys his daily walks and belly rubs. He will also destroy any new toy within minutes, and makes sure to bring Brandi his favorite ball every time she gets home from work and greets him.

We are thrilled to feature Diego as our April pet of the month!