Meet our January Pet of the Month, Belle! She belongs to Jonnell Quarrie, Director of Tax at MOD Pizza.

Belle recently turned two in December, and is a delightful mix of Lhasa Apso and Cocker Spaniel. She joined Jonnell’s family on St. Patrick’s Day in 2021, and looks like Lady from the Disney classic Lady and the Tramp. Jonnell and her family almost renamed her. However, they decided there was enough change with her shifting households that they didn’t want to add a name change on top!

When it comes to food, Belle likes to have whatever everyone else is having! She prefers the large dog food of Jonnell’s daughter’s German Shepard, Henny, even though it barely fits in her mouth! If the cats are getting canned food, she wants some of that – and if her humans are eating, she is always willing to do the pre-wash before they put the dishes in the dishwasher!

For a puppy, Belle is pretty mellow, and loves to sleeps a lot. However, what she lacks in size she makes up for in volume! She is also fearless – she will run up to tackle Henny (who is 115 pounds!) to play with him. She also loves to have a great view. Since she was a puppy, she’s had her dog bed on top of Jonnell’s desk so that she can look out the window and see what’s happening in the neighborhood.

Welcome to the SALT Pet of the Month family, Belle!