Who can resist a little ball of fluff with blue eyes? Meet Asher, our August Pet of the Month! Asher belongs to Sarah Wellings, Deputy General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of The Jackson Laboratory.

A nine-week-old Australian Shepherd, Asher earned his first name, which means “happy” and “blessed,” due to his sweet demeanor and serious face. He joined the Wellings family after an epic eleven hour road trip home to Maine from upstate New York.

Since settling into his new home, he’s been working on his skills, learning how to chase a ball, walk on a leash and keep his humans on their toes! He recently decided a slug was a tasty snack, much to the chagrin of his mom. He also enjoys chewing on Sarah’s fingers, sleeping between the couch and the wall, and cuddling as much as possible.

Once he grows into his paws, Sarah looks forward to taking him hiking through Acadia National Park, going canoeing and teaching him about snacks that are better than slugs.

Welcome Asher to our Pet of the Month family!