We can’t resist man’s best friend, and four handsome hounds caught our eye…Layla, Romeo, Gracie and Rocky.

Pet 1 - Wechman.jpgMeet Layla, also known as Lei-Lei, the 18-month-old companion of Craig Wechman (State Tax Director, Royal Bank of Canada), his wife Trish, and their kids Dylan and Lauren. The family went apple picking in Pennsylvania in October 2012 when they were greeted by a dog with an apple in her mouth. The farm owners said she had been there for three days. The kids were immediately drawn to her, and after the farm agreed to keep her for a month in case anyone was looking for her, the family returned to Pennsylvania in November of 2012 to pick her up. It has been a great match ever since. Layla loves the outdoors and spends many afternoons relaxing by the Mahwah River. She knows the sound of the school bus and comes down to the corner to pick up Lauren on most weekdays. Once the cool fall air comes, Layla puts on her Rutgers jersey and has even sported it at football tailgates. As for her name, Craig and Trish were members of a 60s cover band in the early 90s doing classics such as the Grateful Dead, Hot Tuna, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton. The kids always laugh at the old video of “Layla,” so that’s how she got her name. The only fight in the evening is who Layla should sleep with, Dylan or Lauren, as she always likes to go to the far end of the bed and sleep late. Either way, she has been a great addition to the family, and the Wechmans can’t wait for puppies.

Pet 2 - Ledesma.jpgMeet Romeo, the granddog of Victor Ledesma (Tax Manager, Kimberly-Clark Corporation) and his wife, Jackie. Although not as seasoned with age as his cousin Anna (2010 December Pet of the Month), his companionship never wanes. Romeo is a constant shadow on a relentless search for a lap to sit on or a car ride to the store. He even puts up with photo shoots if car keys are in view. Romeo is adorable, but we think Victor’s granddaughter is pretty precious, too.



Pet 3 - Filion.jpgMeet Gracie, part of Kathy Filion’s (Assistant, Tyco International) family and the unsung hero of the Tyco International SALT Team. A true adventure dog, Gracie loves to travel and is happiest running around the rocks on the coast of Maine. It would be wonderful if she could talk and tell us what is actually on her mind, but her smile says it all.





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Meet Rocky and his mom Teresa Chiftis (Senior Manager Tax Controversies, Microsoft Corporation). Rocky and Teresa’s picture stole our hearts. We think it says it all.






SALT people are apparently dog people, as we had no cats submitted in our contest. So, cat people, represent! Send us your adorable feline friends for our February feature.