On January 5, 2017, a New York State Division of Tax Appeals administrative law judge (ALJ) determined that a taxpayer’s electronic bill payment and presentation receipts constitute “service” receipts and not “other business receipts,” and are properly sourced where the service is performed. In the Matter of the Petitions of Checkfree Services Corp. 

  • New York taxpayers received additional guidance on the important issue of whether online services constitute “service” receipts, and how those receipts should be sourced, for New York corporate franchise tax purposes. 
  • An ALJ found for a taxpayer on this same issue previously. In Expedia, another ALJ confirmed the taxpayer’s position that travel reservation facilitation receipts, and online advertising receipts, constitute “service” receipts that are sourced to the location of performance. In the Matter of the Petition of Expedia, Inc.
  • The ALJ’s analysis in Checkfree largely mirrors the sound analysis in Expedia. Both determinations concluded that the taxpayer performed a “service” under the term’s plain meaning; that a “service” does not require human involvement; that the taxpayer did have some human involvement even though the service had an automated component; and that “service” receipts are properly sourced where performed, which is the taxpayer’s location, not the customer’s location.

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