In its inaugural awards edition, State Tax Notes recognized Sutherland SALT Partners Jeff Friedman and Steve Kranz as leaders in state and local taxation.

Jeff received the inaugural “Tax Lawyer of the Year” award, which is bestowed on a lawyer whom both peers and competitors deem the best. At Sutherland, his comprehensive practice represents Fortune 100 companies that are giants in their respective fields, including energy, e-commerce, technology, and telecommunications. He is a go-to adviser for clients involved in high-profile tax controversy and litigation matters, who seek sophisticated planning, advice on critical business transactions, and vital legislative advocacy. In researching Jeff, the editors noted that “numerous government lawyers told State Tax Notes that Friedman was simply the best tax lawyer in the country.”

Steve was recognized in two “Top 10” categories. He joined Jeff on the “Top 10 Tax Lawyers” list and was named one of the “Top 10 Individuals Who Influenced Tax Policy and Practice.” At Sutherland, Steve combines tax controversy and litigation with a unique approach to tax policy advocacy on behalf of his Fortune 100 clients. Taking a holistic approach to tax issues, he often represents companies on issues in litigation while working to address the larger tax policy questions through state legislatures, the U.S. Congress, the National Conference of State Legislatures, the National Governors Association, the Multistate Tax Commission and the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board. Combining both types of advocacy sets Sutherland’s SALT practice apart from many others.

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